Essay on Analysis Of A Rose For Emily And William Faulkner 's Vision

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The Dream of the Future
(An analysis of A Rose for Emily and William Faulkner’s vision) William Faulkner most definitely may not be a household name, but he is an exquisite name and writer of short stories and in general, phenomenal fiction. Eventually, Faulkner went on to win the Nobel Prize for literature, but his beginnings are still rather intriguing. According to a biography of William Faulkner’s life titled William Faulkner published by Gale Research in Detroit in 1991, Faulkner has had mostly humble beginnings with a few odd exceptions that will make him another unique writer for his time. According to Skei’s biography, Faulkner quit school as a junior to work. Eventually he went to the University of Mississippi for one year as a special student before dropping out. That did not stop him however from his writing (Skei). From that point on, Faulkner has made an incredible name for himself as he has written very many reputable literary pieces. One of his popular short stories titled, A Rose for Emily explores an effect of a character in another one of his stories and the deep roots of a woman in the post antebellum south as she lives out the rest of her days stubborn and avoiding the inevitable coming of era. In his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, Faulkner explains that man needs to endure a lost past and create good fiction by pertaining several essential qualities that are used to lift a soul. That concept, best summarized by Victor Strandberg in his article published…

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