Analysis Of ' A Night Vision Camera ' Essay

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Seen thru a night vision camera, there are seemingly random flashes of the main character (from here on to be known as John) grimacing in pain. Completely out of place, these scenes are played alongside the peaceful backdrop of a playground, a grassy meadow, and images of John smiling as he takes his first oaths to join the military. Flash forward as John is deployed to the warzone. He walks thru these chaotic streets, people are running around, debris is flying randomly, fires literally burn in the background, and with guns raised John and his squad plunge into one of the buildings. The smoke in the air, the glass beneath their boots, builds the tension like a lit fuse. This powder keg is set off when one of John 's squad mates is shot and writhes on the ground in pain. At this point with emotions pumping hard, the audience is shown images of half stripped men laying splayed out in the sand. It is not clear if these men have been executed or what other atrocities have been committed, but it is clear that bad things have happened. Before overdosing on emotions, a brief respite as John looks at a picture of his wife.
Snapping back, the terror is brought to a breaking point with the torture scene. Unlike with the bodies out in the sand, there is no ambiguity here, and Military forces are directly torturing a prisoner. A man with a dirty bag over his head, a woman weeping into her hands, an injured child with crying people all around, a corpse in an expanding pool…

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