Analysis Of A Case Study Research Essay

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An analysis of a case study research article
A case study research is normally conducted to look into a particular challenge in a large number of people. Case studies are conducted along with previous researches to enhance or create a particular theory.
. In this essay, the CASP rubric is used to analyze a research article in order to assess the quality of the research. The article examined in this essay is “International Journal of Information Management” and has been written by Jane Coughlan, Mark Lycett and Robert Macredie (Coughlan et al., 2005).
Analysis of the Research Article
The authors have clearly stated the purpose and goal of their study. For instance, one outlined purpose for the study is to “investigate how different facets of communication processes interact in real life”. In addition, the paper has also provided a clear insight into the BIT and Business alignment in the organization. The paper has also outlined five importance or relevance of the research. The authors have also provided relevant citations to support their evidence. Thus, the score on this measure is 5.
The research stated that they had done qualitative research to uncover participants’ experiences and perceptions. The paper has clearly outlined the fit between the qualitative methodology and the study questions. However the research does not provide explanations to why semi structured…

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