Analysis : ' Internal Despair ' Essay

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“Internal Despair”

Human behavior has been discussed repetitively as any experience we endured to be a lesson, whether it be bad or good experiences. These lessons being learned mold us into the individuals that we become as we mature. On the contrary, it is found that some people experience more hardships than others in a set amount of time. Since we all are dealt our “cards of life” differently, the way we play them will determine our results of life. Expressed through literary works, this author used various methods of simile and metaphor to declare what psychological, physical, mental, and emotional experiences his characters endured. Throughout the “life span” of their work, they went from a dark, child-like way of explanations to a darker, matured way of writing. The reader is now able to venture into the mind of the actual characters, and see exactly what they deal with. Firstly, we began with dialogue of a doctor looking into a woman’s throat that contains cobwebs. The cobwebs are said to be “…what concerns one most—the things our personal history construct, leave lodged inside our throats.” Basically, saying that anything we say, whether appropriate or not, will be stuck with us forever until we hit six feet under. Once something is done or said, it cannot be turned around to made better or changed. The woman apparently said some things that she did not mean to people in her lifetime, and did not realize the repercussions of her actions. The doctor, then,…

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