Analysis: Eisenhower Vs. Stevenson

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1952 - Eisenhower vs Stevenson
Eisenhower is well known for his leadership in D-Day and involvement in helping bring an end to the war in Europe against the Axis enemies giving him the status of a war hero. Due to his involvement and leadership, Eisenhower is well liked by the American public and his opinions on the war in Korea matters. In one campaign ad, he questions the funding on the National Defense by the Truman administration as there is a low supply of weapons for those overseas in Korea to even fight with. A vote for him would be a vote to finally end the war in Korea by someone with military knowledge. Eisenhower also speaks against the tax raises made by the Democratic party to compensate for the large amount of debt that was harmfully
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Kennedy wishes to enhance America even more and not to stay at a lull even though things are going well there are such things like starvation that affect citizens. He comments on how under Eisenhower’s Administration, the cost of living has gone up making it hard for families he has spoken with to live and provide for themselves and their children both now and in the future. Kennedy speaks on the inequality between that of African-Americans and Whites during this time. His wife, Jacqueline appears in a campaign ad speaking in both English and Spanish about her husband plans. His speeches are added into the campaign ad so that those sitting around the television can hear his views on what to do for America. When making campaign ads against his opponent, Richard Nixon, Kennedy by using documented recordings of President Eisenhower that does not portray Nixon, the Vice President of the United States, as someone the President of the United States listens …show more content…
He discusses his opponents stagnant plans on helping the 23 million unemployed Americans and his preferences for big businesses over small. Romney also uses Bill Clinton words against him questioning why Clinton praises Obama now when in four years before he was against Obama while campaigning for his wife, Hillary. He states under the Obama Administration, manufacturing jobs are at a rate lower than China 's. Romney if elected President promises to stop the increase of debt America owes and make way for a future where the debt is not passed on to future generations. In the four years of President Obama, the American people have had to face higher deficits and chronic unemployment opposite Romney who turned Massachusetts around by cutting unemployment and turning the deficit he inherited into a rainy day

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