Analysis And Action Plan For Fiscal Year 2018 Essay

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Pacific Northwest
Analysis and
Action plan for
Fiscal year 2018
This is an analysis of the Pacific Northwest region detailing areas of opportunity and actions for implementation of the specified goals. For this analysis, fiscal years 2015, 2016 and 2017 were reviewed for long term trends. During the development of this plan, several themes emerged through an analysis of the region’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. These themes form the basis for the division’s goals and priorities. These will receive particular attention in the next several months and years. This is a plan on how to move the region forward based simply on numbers. Numbers don’t always tell the whole story. The staff at each facility are a huge wildcard. You can have the best processes, product and knowledge but if you don’t have the right staff, the best plan will only have limited success. As I gain knowledge of the staff at each facility, this plan will be modified to best fit each individual situation.
Supporting documentation can be found at the end of this plan.

To be the premier region in the Western division known for our exceptional customer service, staff development and financial growth.
To reach our vision, we will be dedicated to the following priorities:

• Focus on customer service
• Leadership and staff development
• Financial development
• Continuous improvement

Collaboration across the region, division and company will be the key to the Pacific Northwest…

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