Beauty And The Beast Character Analysis Essay

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A Beloved Beauty and A Horrifying Beast

A story of romance, greed, patience, and hatred, Beauty and The Beast, written by Andrew Lang, this story is about a extravagant and wealthy family who loses everything from their house burning down, and their father losing his job. After being poverty for a long time, the family hears about a lost ship that belonged to the father. After the father leaves to go on his journey, he soon becomes stranded in a winter storm and then lingers up to The Beast palace. The father is astounded when he notices that the area around the castle is beautiful and sunny and there is no snow anywhere. Subsequently looking around the palace, the father goes into the palace and finds signs of no one except for when
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One thin Beauty found remarkable is this was the prince she would have dreams about when she was first staying at the palace. In the end, Beauty gets the amazing happy ever after story because she decided to love someone no matter what their appearance may be. Throughout Beauty and The Beast, Beauty models three traits: inner beauty, bravery, and not judging a book by its cover. She shows inner beauty by putting her family first and risking to go live with a beast that might kill her. In the middle of the story Beauty models bravery by swallowing her fear and not letting The Beast walk all over her like a doormat when he yells at her for not accepting his love just yet. The last thing Beauty shows is that she looks at a person from the inside and not the outside. No matter how horrifying The Beast may look, Beauty still learns to love The Beast for who he really is, a caring gentleman who loves her. Then she gets the prince of her dreams when The Beast is transformed into a human-handsome prince. One major lesson we ca all learn is love is not just about the royalty, fortune, or outer beauty but the person and how they look on the

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