Essay on Ana 's Story Of Ana

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Ana arrives home in Seattle after giving birth to their newborn daughter Phoebe. Tired, Ana lays on the couch while Christian calls and orders Ana food. “Ana, I have a meeting to attend I’ll be back tomorrow morning,” Christian says. Ana knowing Christian is doing all he can with managing business and helping with both Teddy and Phoebe, doesn’t complain.
“I understand Christian, call me when you arrive”, Ana says.
“Of course I will Ana.” Christian reaching over to give Ana a kiss, and Teddy and Phoebe a hug.
“I’ll be back as soon as I can, I’ll miss you three.”

Ana and Christian hadn’t been married for a little of a couple of months. Ana still adjusting to married life and now with two kids and all of the sexual prowess drama dismissed is pleased with her and Christian’s new life together.

Christian arrives to New York later that day, Elena waiting at cargo pick up,
“Grey!” shouted Elena
“Elena, my girl I never thought I’d see you again,” Christian looking excited.
“Well me either I knew you’d be tired of your vanilla relationship with Ana”
Christian angrily responding, “Elena enough, no talk about Ana she’s the mother of my kids.”
“Right, you’re married too?” Elena said laughing sarcastically.
“You do know that!” Christian bluntly looking in Elena’s face out of restraint that she won’t tell Ana about their secret affair.
“Listen, I told Ana I was in town for business just for a night, and so I am.. Right?”
“Right Christian!” Elena, angrily rolling her eyes. “Put…

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