An Reflection Of My Observation Essay

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Interviewee: I would love to just kind of re-invoke the discussion that happened in that room when we were looking at the results of the work and the first go at the creative. Just share your thoughts about if we missed anything, in a bid way, in your mind.

Chris: I guess my observation would be that I raised one issue in the meeting that was just around the specific worse use of the word traditional. I guess that flowing into just a general concern about the overall tone of the message in that sense. The other thing that I just struggled with, a little bit, is that it feels pretty frontline centric.

Interviewee: Because, I think it was. When we got out of that meeting and got back, I think, it was over represented from the frontline and underrepresented from the back of the house type of positions.

Chris: Right.

Interviewee: That is one of the reasons we are doing these calls and try to get some more perspective around some of the behind the scenes type jobs.

Chris: I think, that much of what is talked about, in terms of looking at the decks that you gave me and handed out at the meeting, and the connection to mission and the idea. You could talk to any employee in the organization from Bob Engle to a clerk in the records room and they are going to be able to talk about that mission and the common sense of purpose. So, I think that the presentation caught that really well and the focus on rural communities and rural America.

I do think that is something where…

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