Dramaturgical Perspective Essay

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We’ve always been told “Be yourself no matter what”, but in some situations we can’t always express who we are. In most cases it is good to act in a different way so you don’t disrespect someone or their culture in an attempt to “be yourself”. Society today has certain expectations for our behavior. Even though it might not be publically shown, we all consciously know that there are judgments being passed on our behaviors, which cause people to act on how they think other people, see them.
Dramaturgical perspective is the theory that behaviors are changed in certain situations at certain times and in front of certain people. Most people asses the social situation they are in and preset themselves in a way they think will please the people around them. They present themselves in a way that may be different than who they actually are or how they actually feel. College parties are one way for students to get away from everything for a while and relax. You get invited from people you know who got invited from people they know and so on. When you show up, usually not until later at night, you walk in to music blasting, strobe lights going, different games being played, and people everywhere talking and having a good time. People usually present themselves in a more confident matter because they have more courage going up to random
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When we were little we had to act in a way that was pleasing in our parents eyes, when we became teenagers we acted in a way that was pleasing to the public eyes watching you but still in a way that made us cool and fit in with the popular kids, and now that we are young adults we have to act like we have our lives together in a responsible and mature way. This behavior occurs throughout our whole lifetime. In the end our behavior all comes down to the way we think society will see

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