An Organization That Is Concerned With Winning Mandatory Labeling Of Gmo Products

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Right To Know MD is an organization that is concerned with winning mandatory labeling of GMO products. Together; state leaders, organic companies, and non-profits organizations aims to advocate towards the policy at hand. Motivated by the idea of regaining basic rights to know where food comes from and what is in it. Increasingly, a great number of Americans are concerned with the harms GMOs have on human health and the environment as a result of recent studies. Right To Know believes that knowing what you’re eating and feeding your families is a democratic right. With 93% of Democrats and 90% republican supporting the labeling of GMO containing foods, it is evident that the FDA is who stands in the way of this change. This organization provides a venue for collaboration between respective initiatives and boarder national movement towards GMO labels. Spreading awareness to communities on the risks associated with genetically energies foods and advocate for strong laws that protect farmers, and citizens. Working together with many national food safety organizations, including: Organic Consumers Association, Center for Food Safety, Institute for Responsible Technology, Food & Water Watch, Food Democracy Now, and others.

Advocating their message locally, but also for state polies. Although each sub organization is focusing on there own state, this also allows for more attention to be provided towards these specific states and making a change happen. This one organization is…

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