An Old Ancient Culture Essay

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An old ancient culture located in the western part of Africa had paved the way of new founding of art. Around 1000 B.C., this society had flourished and became highly advanced in their culture. Nok was discovered in the central part of what is now known as Nigeria. Around that time, Nok has covered about 50% of Nigeria. Nok was known to be one of the oldest place in Africa that has changed the impact of sculpture art. The cities that were part of the Nok society was the reason of that artistic impact. Significant cities that were part of the Nok culture like Abuja and Yoruba. Abuja is the capital of Nigeria and was the center of ancient Nok. Another city that had a major part of Nok was Yoruba. Today some people of Yoruba still perform or wear similar of what their ancestor had in 1000 B.C. Today many have also found sculptures that was the purpose of this new element of art. The city of Yoruba and which country is known as Nigeria had a ruler named King Ife. During that ancient time for the Nok culture, there was a small scaled of kings that ruled that period of time. Like all historic leader, there was a type of sculpture that was formed idolize them. That was one way for the people that lived in the Nok society to worship their king. It would a remembrance of the king that they would idolize after their death.
The sculpture of king Ife flourished in a way that change the perspective of sculpture art and the society. King Ife life sized sculpture was made out a clay like…

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