An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge Essay

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The short story an Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge takes place during the civil war in the United States. “A man stood upon a railroad bridge in northern Alabama… The man’s hand were behind his back, the wrists bound with cord.” (Bierce) The narrator is in a very precarious situation. He is being taken to his own execution. As he walks closer to the hangman’s noose he begins to contemplate how he can escape. He notices the guards and the forest that the railroad track leads to. The rope is tied around his neck but as he falls to his death the rope snaps and he makes a desperate attempt to escape from his captors. This attempt last most of the short story, but it is revealed that the rope did not actually snap and he dies on the end of the hangman’s rope. This story is an example of how powerful the human brain is; even though it is faced with death the brain uses its last weapon hallucinations and control of itself to try and stave off death. The author uses this situation to make a point about how powerful our brains will to survive is. Almost all of the story takes place between the seconds the narrator falls and suffocated. This is the first example of how powerful the brain can be in this incredibly small amount of time. The narrator brains is able to paint a whole story full of moment of suspense, action and drama which appears to take a long time. The brain is working so much faster than we as humans can comprehend; it is compressing so much time into a few split…

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