Essay on An Investigation On The Crime Scene

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Aspyn didn’t think anything to exciting would happen today. She thought that it was just a normal day, and she would spend most of the day inside watching Friends or Criminal Minds like she usually did. It was when she checked the weather online and realized how beautiful it was outside. She didn’t want to miss out on any episodes of Criminal Minds so she brought out her Ipad with her and some headphones and started tanning outside. Aspyn was really focused on the crime scene that was going on until she noticed an unfamiliar truck parked outside. She noticed a very attractive man taking out Boxes from the back of the truck. He was wearing tight skinny jeans, a band t-shirt and a fedora holding his perfect curls together. Aspyn soon realized she was starring when the young man waved at her and she quickly became very red in the face. She continued back to her show and simply ignored the wave, not thinking much of it.
A few hours later Aspyn was still watching Criminal Minds when she heard a far knock on one of her windows. She grew worried but she didn’t hesitate to go check it out. When she got to the window, she realized someone was throing little rocks at it and it was the new neighbor from across the street. “What are you doing?” Aspyn shyly asked.
“I just thought maybe we could meet?” The man said with slight smirk. “Who throws rocks at somebodies window in the middle of the night and hopes to becomes friends with the owner of the house?”
The young man held out…

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