An Investigation Of Hydrochloric Acid And Acetic Acid Essay

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2-butanol and Acetic Acid were refluxed together with anti-bumping granules and a catalyst of sulphuric acid for 1 hour and five minutes. Anti-bumping granules are small ceramic granules which have rough edges. They are added within a mixture to encourage smooth boiling. In this experiment by adding the anti-bumping granules we were able to achieve smooth boiling throughout both the reflux process and the distillation process. Without adding these granules, bubbles of vapour may be difficult to form due to both process being conducted in a very clean, smooth glassware. Then all of a sudden a large bubble may form and disturb the liquid violently. Therefore the anti-bumping granules help prevent this ‘bumping’ which may disturb the boiling process ( This is important in both the reflux and distillation processes as in both case, these processes are conducted over a long timeframe (answer to question 1). By refluxing the mixture we were able to collect our product of butyl ethanoate. As explained within the introduction the equation below is what took place:

By adding heat to the mixture, butyl ethanoate was formed in a gaseous state. By refluxing the mixture, this gaseous butyl ethanoate is condensed (meaning turns into liquid) and then is able to be collected. In both the reflux and distillation process, the apparatus was left open. This is important as it ensures there is no pressure build up. If the stopper was to be placed on…

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