An Interview With Michael Armour Essay

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Everyone knows someone who is retirement age of 65 or older, they may even be a grandparent or a close family friend. A majority of these people have worked very(exceptionally) hard and deserve what they have (been working for when retirement years begin.) waiting for them when they retire. While most people who reach the age of 65 are ready to settle down, some of them just simply can’t save(due to their inability to practice saving habits in their early life) because of their savings habits in their lives. Most college students don 't realize that their well being(in later life is based on) in retirement is based on what they save while they are between the age of 20-30. In an interview with Michael Armour, a financial planner, he simply stated when it comes to starting to save for retirement, “The short answer is ‘as soon as possible’.”(Armour) Alot of young people don’t want to start thinking about saving for retirement and this will really hurt them in the long run. When it comes to people making a financial future for themselves it all starts with steady savings habits. A survey taken by Employee Benefit News in 2012 showed that “The average savings shortfall a U.S. household will have at retirement[is 250,00.]” (Numbers to Know) The lack of saving in a family can make several things hard later on down the road. When they get retirement age those people will have a hard time making ends meet on a month to month bases even with social security thrown in. This extra…

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