An Intern 's Dilemm Unethical And The Corporate Culture And Values

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An Intern’s Dilemma
Were the actions Mark felt were unethical aligned with the corporate culture and values? The unethical requests to Mark for deception were not in alignment with the corporate culture and values of the technology firm. As the text indicated, there was an organizational value disconnect or misunderstanding of standard practices culturally occurring with the local Asia office superiors (Sucher & Preble, 2013). Furthermore, Mark spoke to the CEO about the company’s ethical values and concludes the request given, did not reflect what the Asia Vice President was asking of him. Culturally in Asia, the transition of information occurs differently than in Western counterparts. In Asian cultures, nonverbal communication often trumps the literal words an individual is speaking.
Analyze how Mark handled the situation Mark dealt with the situation in the manner he understood how to from his Western cultural experiences. However, Mark did speak with the CEO of the technology firm and determine ethical values were important to the organization. He did not conduct any further research to cultural business practice differences, or even speak to his superiors regarding the request of omission of his employment, which was his ethical dilemma. He did not take into account the cultural differences of what the Asia office Vice President was asking, and the potential reasoning for the request. The cultural difference between Asia and the United States heavily…

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