An Inquiry Into Inevitability Essay

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An Inquiry into Inevitability
No matter what point in history you look at whether it be, the Romans building an empire or the Spanish when they found South America; there is always an entity that wants to control an area or a substance. Every time the larger force feels superior to the native peoples and tries to kill, control, or change them. So in order to create an argument stating that what happened between the native Indians in the west and the U.S. is a very intriguing thing to contemplate. The misunderstanding between the natives and the U.S. could be avoided and managed in a mutualistic way that would have changed the whole way by which manifest destiny was achieved.
Native American tradition was scavenging and fighting amongst each other. This made them all their own entity’s witch is not as power full as they could have been. If the white man had come to the west and met a nation consisting of all the native people together they might have tried harder too peacefully solve the problem of the natives on the land they wanted.
Too the native’s gold was not as important as the land it lied under it. The government could have bought the land they wanted at a fair price from the native conglomerate thus leaving the natives to still slightly be mad but would have enough money to replace the land by purchasing it with their new found wealth. Gold would be mined in the area purchased and natives would have the same area of land.
The concept of the native as savages is…

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