An Influential Psychologist Ever Is B. F. Skinner Essay

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One of the most influential psychologist ever is B. F. Skinner. Skinner was born and raised in the small rural town of Susquehanna, Pa. He graduated high school in the very same house that he was born in. He had one brother who was 2� years younger than he, who died at the age of 16 from a cerebral aneurism. Skinner enjoyed working with his hands, many of his childhood days were spent building things such as rollerscooters, steerable wagons and sleds. And, he invented things. For example, he and a friend gathered elderberries to sell them door to door. He constructed a flotation system which separated ripe from green berries. And, he even worked on the idea of a perpetual motion machine. Skinner went through all twelve grades in one school building, graduating with only eight other students. He developed an interest art and literature through drawing in the younger grades and later reading Shakespeare. (Dews, 1970).

Skinner attended Hamilton College, a small liberal arts institution, on the recommendation of a friend. He majored in English Literature and minored in Romance Languages. Here, his rebellious nature emerged when he openly revolted against the Student Life department. He refused to go to the daily mandatory chapel services, and physical education classes and made a mockery of the institution during the graduation ceremonies. Following graduation, he attempted a career in writing. He attended the Middlebury School of English in Vermont, where he met Robert Frost…

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