An Influential Inventions Of The Renaissance Era Essay

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One of the most influential inventions of the Renaissance era, the printing press has helped shape the way humans read and write for centuries. It has made enormous contributions to the Renaissance era, allowing for widespread type of all literature and mass production of literature for all to read. It has also allowed for scientists to spread their ideas and experiments with each other in an accurate fashion. The Protestant Reformation, started by Martin Luther, had a huge impact on the Catholic Church with the help of the printing press. The concept of citing one’s work became commonplace with the printing press as page numbering and table of contents was more consistent. The printing press is one of the most influential inventions of all time and has allowed for new ideas to spread around the world and revolutionized the Renaissance era.
Johannes Gutenberg is often credited as the creator of the printing press, although there are numerous people from Asia who are said to have made it before Gutenberg. He introduced the Printing press through the Holy Roman Empire in the 1440s. Gutenberg was a goldsmith, but in his free time he created a hand mould to have moveable metal, screw presses and other existing technologies, to create a printing machine. This was a revolutionary idea and helped create a mass production of books all throughout Europe. With the help of the printing press, books by popular authors such as Luther and Erasmus were able to be sold to hundreds of…

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