An Increase Of Children With Add And Adhd Essay example

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To be moved to do something, you must feel involved and eager to accomplish a goal. Everyone has different levels of motivation, making it difficult to address large groups of people using the same type of motivation. In schools, we have many children struggling to stay interested in their work. There has been an increase of children diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. Children diagnosed with ADD have almost tripled in the last 15 years. The cause of this increase is unknown but maybe it is our approach to education in America. The United States education standards have stayed constant for many years, through change and modernization of society. The way we motivate students needs to change. We extrinsically motivate students with physical rewards that actually undermine their intrinsic motivation. On top of trying to motivate them through various rewards, we threaten students, give them deadlines, and create competitive pressure. We try and control their behavior but when students feel controlled their intrinsic motivation fades. Without intrinsic motivation students become disinterested and bored, leading to a decrease in competence. Successful teachers need to create intrinsic motivation in lessons that aren’t inherently interesting and encourage, “more active and volitional (versus passive and controlling) forms of extrinsic motivation becomes an essential strategy for successful teaching (Ryan, 2007)”. To enhance intrinsic motivation we must focus on student’s feelings of…

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