An Important Day For The History Of India Essay

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The date March 12, 1930 signified an important day for the history of India. On that specific date, the prominent civil rights figure Mahatma Gandhi led the Salt March in protest of British rule. This particular march forged a spiral of events across the country that eventually ushered in the era of India’s independence. Gandhi initially led seventy-eight of his nonviolence disciples from Sabarmati Ashram to the seaside village of Dandi, with many more joining the Salt March as the crowd passed through several Indian towns and villages in the twenty-four day trek. As the name suggests, the Salt March was conducted to protest against the British enforcement of the Salt Acts. The British imposed a monopoly on Indian salt and the Salt Acts made it so that the British were the only legal ones who were allowed to both manufacture and sell salt in India. In addition, the Salt Acts established a heavy sales tax upon the Indian population which did not help out the poverty situation of the country. This was devastating as salt was a crucial commodity in Indian culture, because the cuisine produced by the people utilized salt. As a result, the Indian population’s answer to these heavy measures inflicted upon them was retaliation. However, the kind of retaliation that the British police force and officials faced was not the presumed one that included armed conflict and bloodshed. Instead, the resistance that India put up against the British was heavily influenced by the words and…

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