Essay about An Eyewitness View Of The Boston Tea Party

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An Eyewitness View of the Boston Tea Party
George Hewes’ account of the Boston Tea Party is considered a firsthand account of a historically significant event. The Boston Tea Party took place the night of December 16, 1773 on three ships anchored in Boston Harbor. Hewes recounts the events leading up to the Boston Tea Party, the actual attack on the ships and its aftermath. He provides descriptive narration, thus contributing to the historical context surrounding the Tea Party. This event and many others leading up to it, provide a colorful backdrop on the eve of the American Revolution. Hewes starts his narrative with an account of the events leading up to the actual attack on the three ships anchored at Griffin’s Wharf. Hewes says, “There was a meeting of the citizens of the county of Suffolk…for the purpose of consulting on the measures might be considered expedient to prevent the landing of the tea…”(1). He provides the backstory to create an understanding of the timeline and how the events unfolded with the patriots. Hewes continues to provide details about the actual assault on the wharf. He states, “It was now evening, and I immediately dressed myself in the costume of an Indian…I repaired to Griffin’s Wharf, where the ships lay…”(Hewes 1). Hewes uses these details in his account to give vivid imagery and historical substance. The narrative continues to discuss how the assembly of men was divided and assigned to commanders. The commanders assumed charge of the…

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