An Experimental Study On Obesity Essay

707 Words Nov 18th, 2015 3 Pages
Natalie Potts
STA 296- 009
Project 1

Introduction For this assignment we were asked to find one article from the mainstream media and one scholarly or scientific article. We were asked to look for ones that stated if they were statistically significant or not statistically significant. The mainstream media article was not to contain a p-value, while the scientific article needed to contain a p-value. The purpose of this assignment was to compare the two articles on their hypothesis tests. I found two articles on obesity, one in the New York Times and one in the Journal of the American Medical Association. With each of the articles I will describe how the studies were conducted and what the result looked like.

Part 1 In a news article I found in the New York Times written by Nicholas Bakalar, they were conducting an experimental study on if obese children were less sensitive to taste. In their experiment they used a sample of 99 obese children and 94 normal weight children. The test consisted of having the children try to identify tastes on strips of filter paper and asking them to distinguish among sweet, sour, salty, savory and bitter. They also conducted a 5-point intensity scale where they were asked to rate all the flavor concentrations. Since the study contained an experiment where something was manipulated and data was observed, this would be considered an experimental study. In this study the null hypothesis or Ho would have been that obese children do…

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