An Example Of Good Will Essay

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There are many things that we do to seem good or to be good. We clean our rooms so that our parents do not reprimand us. We do our homework so that we get good grades in school. We volunteer so we can help others. All of these things are actions that we consider to be good, however do they have a good will despite the reasons we are doing them. According to Kant, doing something out of good will means that it is being done precisely for the sake of duty.

To do something out of good will is equivalent to doing something because it is your obligation to do it. The will is not good once you do an action because you are prone to do it in order to receive a prize, gratification, or reward. A good will can only be considered a good will if an act is being done with the feeling of, “I am doing this because it is my duty to do so.” An example of good will is in the following scenario: You are at a cookout and your mother as you to go to the store; if you go to the store because it makes her happy and you care about her (therefore, you do it with no complaints), then it is not considered good will. If you go to the store simply because you like going to the store, then it is also not considered good will. However, it is considered good will when you reluctantly go to the store even though you have a ton of things to do. This is considered good will because you are going to the store because going to the store is your duty, and not because you are expecting a reward that may…

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