Discretion Or Free Will?

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How could an ability that most people believe they possess be an illusion played on us by our mind? This is the reality that we as human beings experience every day; that our perceived control is nothing more than a mere trick that lets us believe that we have greater control over the decisions in our lives than we actually do. The controversy over whether or not people really exercise free will arose from as long ago as men began to probe the limits of their own mind, and this highly charged debate will certainly carry on into the future, with science illuminating the way ahead.
Free will is the ability to act on one’s own discretion, free of any external influences. It is, in other words, the ability to do something simply because you chose
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Once I have completed the tasks set for me by my parents, I feel as if I have a bit more control over the other aspects of my life like what I wear, who my friends are, what I eat or what I say. But I now know that this is simply a feeling. I do like the sense of being in control of my life and the ability to make decisions, however the insight gained in researching for this paper has led me to realize that my mind has made all the choices subconsciously, and I simply perform the necessary actions presented to me, thinking that I was the one deciding what to do. Another explanation could be that humans probably believe that we have free will because the process by which decisions are actually made is too complicated for us to understand and explain. That is what I have been thinking all my life up to this point.
The major take-away that I got from writing this paper is that objectively proving or disproving the existence and use of free will in humans is a very difficult task, and we may never find the answer. But, if we tell people that they do not have free will, their behavior will change for the worse. In light of all this, I would like to continue assuming that I am in control and responsible for the decisions made in my life, and I would like to encourage others to think likewise. This is because I would like to see the world change for the better, with more responsible and caring global

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