Essay about An Evaluation Of The Nursing

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The sample consisted of 31.4% diploma nurses, 41% associated degree nurses, and 27.6% baccalaureate nurses. Most had less than one year experience, but 24.5% had ten or more years’ experience. These groups were divided into two categories, and then divided again based on educational levels. It is not surprising that the data showed the nurses with more than ten years’ experience differed significantly on the pass rates than the less than one year experienced nurses. “Approximately 25% of newly hired nurses had deficiencies in critical thinking ability, including problem recognition, reporting essential clinical data, initiating independent nursing interventions, anticipating relevant medical orders, providing relevant rational to support decisions, and differentiation of urgency” (Fero, et al., 2009). Clearly more research needs to be done to find out how to improve these statistics. Many nurses are coming out of nursing school passing their NCLEX-RN© and still not possessing enough critical thinking skills. It is hard for nurse educators to know how to each these skills that are mainly learned through experience. The struggle is real to nurse educators and their schools. Research by Zori & Morrison (2009) shows that reflection is a good way to develop critical thinking skills. By starting a journal or making students’ journal this can improve critical thinking skills. Also, teaching using concepts maps has been found to have a positive effect on critical…

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