An Evaluation Of A Program Essay examples

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Activation procedures first begin with the designation of personnel to authorize declaration of disaster and signaling of resumption of normal processing, which TAMUITDRP effectively states that the President, Vice President, and Chief Information Officer hold these responsibilities. A team is also pre-organized with specific responsibilities if a confirmation of threat is declared. Within a large organization, each team has a leader (and alternates) that are key university personnel that are IT specialists. Within smaller organizations, such as TAMU, IT staff must be assigned to multiple teams with specific assignments based on the knowledge, experience, and availability (Texas A&M University, 2012). Another key player of DRP team is the DRP coordinator, Chief information officer Todd Lutz, whose multifaceted responsibilities are in the efforts to preserve the plan in constant state of readiness. The DRP coordinator has the responsibility of training the disaster recovery teams, coordinating updates and testing of the plan, as well as facilitating communication between technical/non-technical staff in the event of disaster. If threat confirmation occurs the authorized agents will activate the DRP in response to internal (fire, bomb threat, power/utility loss, incidents that endanger staff/facility) or external threats (sever weather, disruptive community events, incidents that endanger facility) to the university or it’s critical IT systems. Resumption of normal business…

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