An Ethical Organizational Communication Analysis Of Dunkin ' Brands

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An Ethical Organizational Communication Analysis of Dunkin’ Brands
(Group I: Customers)
Dunkin’ Brands’ actions reflect its stated values in its treatment of customers/clients. In addition, the company also aligns personal, professional, and organizational aspirations and behaviors. First of all, the “Dunkin’ Brands’ Code of Business Ethics and Conduct,” (n.d) notes that “[the organization] is committed to the truthful and accurate communication of information about [all] products. Marketing and advertising will be honest, factual, and tasteful” (pg.18). For that reason, there is no need to look further back than their newest advertising and commercials. In April 10 of 2016, Dunkin’ Donuts released its new multimillion dollar campaign “America Runs on Dunkin’ (SM)”. As stated by their website, “the ads [stressed] the company 's primary mission to [accurately] provide a full range of quality food and beverages that are affordably priced and served fast”.
Secondly, the “Dunkin’ Brands’ Code of Business Ethics and Conduct,” (n.d) also notes that “[the company believes in] a culture of diversity and inclusion, where [when] each person is valued and respected, delivers better business results” (pg. 4). For that reason, it should go without saying that both employees and customers are respected on a daily basis in each franchise. According to Wendus, R. (2013) “[in one a notorious viral video], a foul-mouthed woman was once angrily confronting a Dunkin ' Donuts employee in Fort…

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