An Essay On Greenhouse Effect

The greenhouse effect is a naturally occurring process within our atmosphere, it aids in heating the earths surface and atmosphere. The greenhouse affect is caused by the fact that certain atmospheric gases, gases such as carbon dioxide, water vapour and methane are able to change the energy balance of the planet by absorbing long wave radiation emitted from earth’s surface. Without the greenhouse affect our earth would be a chilly -18°C in comparison to the present average temperature of 15°C. As energy passes through the atmosphere a number of different changes take place. 26% precent of the suns energy is radiated back into space by clouds and other atmospheric partials. The clouds, gases and the other partials within the atmosphere absorb …show more content…
Changes such as or slow changes in the earth 's orbit; or natural internal processes of the climate or earth system such as volcanic activity; or, as has occurred recently, human-induced (anthropogenic) factors. Climate change refers to the changes brought about by different environmental and industrial changes. Such as deforestation or increases in greenhouse gases. Often people think that global warming is the same thing as climate change but in fact global warming is just one form of climate change. Global warming is the increasing of the earth’s surface temperature. Green house gases as mentioned earlier are those that contribute to the greenhouse affect. An overall warming of the earth as atmospheric gases trap electromagnetic radiation that should have been radiated back into space. These gases are thought to affect climate change even though they make up such a small amount of the atmosphere they play a large role. In summary climate change is referring to changes brought about by different factors one of these factors is the greenhouse affect, which cause shifts in global warming, and in term changes the overall

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