Essay An Enterprise Architecture Methodology And Framework

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TOGAF, an Open Group Standard, is an enterprise architecture methodology and framework. It is widely used across the world to improve business efficiency in leading organizations. TOGAF is known for utilizing consistent standards, methods and communications among stakeholders (Weisman, 2011). Furthermore, the comprehensive method is tailored to meet business needs while avoiding re-inventing the wheel. By 2011, there was more than 100,000 downloads and over 16,000 certified practitioners using TOGAF (Weisman, 2011). TOGAF has four domain layers which include Business, Information Systems (encompassing Data and IS) and Technology architecture and is represented in a hierarchal manner from the layer above.
TOGAF is known for aligning business with IT needs though simple implementation and increased usability. It is complementary to other enterprise frameworks and neutral to other vendors, tools and technology. TOGAF’s vision is of “Boundaryless Information Flow,” while utilizing common approaches and best practices to architecture (Weisman, 2011). In addition, complimentary components of TOGAF, such as ADM and Archimate make the process well-rounded for companies who choose to apply those constituents.
Major Enterprise Architectural Issues
• Understanding the gaps between current and future EA targets
• Framework Inflexibility
• Not an end to end process
• Archimate role issue
Analysis of Issues
Understanding the gaps between current and future EA…

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