Essay on An Employee Of Mcnary Golf Club

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I spent over twenty-three years as an employee of McNary Golf Club. In that time there were a lot of ups and until a few years ago, only a few downs. In the last few years I learned some very discouraging lessons about loyalty and that it was not a two way street. With the help of of a handful of classes I took at George Fox University in the Adult Degree Program, I was able to dig deep and make one of the most difficult decisions of my life; to leave the only job I have known my entire adult life.
Concrete Experience
In August of 1990 I started working at McNary Golf Club in Keizer Oregon. At that time I was hired as a part time bookkeeper. McNary was owned by a company from the east coast called Hillman Properties. Hillman was a property development firm that purchased the golf course as a selling point for the undeveloped property that they owned around the golf course. Because they were not a golf operations company they left that management to the golf professionals. In 1993 Hillman started the process to release their interest in the golf course to the members. During that time the day to day operations was still left to the employees, headed up by the General Manager. His leadership style was to let the employees do their jobs and only interfere as needed. He trusted that we each knew our jobs better than he did.
At this time my job became full time, I was given a new title; Office Manager and Accountant so my duties changed considerably. These…

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