An Effective Tool Of The Spanish Rule For 333 Years Before Spain

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The Philippines was under the Spanish rule for 333 years before Spain was defeated by United States of America. The Spain long years of colonizing the Philippines changed the country and the people. They brought massive influenced to all Filipinos. The effective tool of the Spaniards to conquest Philippines were Christianism and Catholic Doctrines. They used religion/education to influence, justify demands, reason the punishment they inflict to the natives. Church were used to gain Filipinos’ unwavering loyalty and obedience and church confessions to capture Filipinos who wage war against the Spanish government. Because of Spanish repressive policies against the native Filipinos, they started revolting. Filipinos nationalist launched thousands independent revolutionary acts against Spain even before America helped fought against Spain. When America joined the Filipino rebels as allies against Spain and won the war, the plight of native Filipinos changed. However, what could be the reason why Philippines fought against the country, America, which helped stopped Spain’s tyranny and oppression against the Filipinos? What started the Philippine insurrection? The war all started when the United State battleship Maine, which was used to protect U.S. citizens and property after anti-Spanish rioting in Havana mysteriously exploded and destroyed. The United states declared war against Spain. The happening was actually timely, opening the opportunity to engage into war in the…

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