Essay on An Eco Friendly Mindset At Andrew Carnegie

1514 Words Aug 5th, 2016 null Page
I not only noticed but was impressed that the store had an eco-friendly mindset. The store took care to reuse all hangers and even kept bags that the clothes were brought in. These items were recycled to not only keep the environment cleaner but to keep costs down for the store so that more money went to those that needed it instead of their overhead. In doing this they are able to funnel more money to those that need it. This is one reason I was really impressed with this organization. They truly try to find ways to save not only the environment but money so that they are able to meet the needs of those they serve. It is great to know that an organization such as this is concerned about our environment. According to Andrew Carnegie (1889), there is a divide between the wealthy and lower-income. This statement is truer than ever in today’s world. The economy is such that you make a great deal of money or barely enough money to survive. I believe stores like the Hand-Me Ups helps close that divide and allow those on a limited income to live a quality life on a budget. I saw many great quality items on the shelves and racks that would be available at a more affordable price. These items being at a lower cost means that those who have a lower income are able to provide the basic needs for their families at a cost they can afford. They are able to purchase quality furniture and bedding a long with clothing for their families at a price that is affordable to them. This does not…

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