An Assignment On Feminist Oppression Essay examples

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Feminist Oppression

This assignment will tackle the concepts mentioned in Question 1
Must all women be free of oppression if any woman is to be truly free of it?

1 A person sits on a bench blanked faced looking at the sunlight. Step closer you notice that the person has chains on their ankles. Chains, which tie them down. They are unable to move. They are without volition. They are forced into this submission by a higher force, and no matter how hard they try to break the chains that tie them to the bench they can not break free. This is oppression. Oppression defined by Webster’s dictionary as, “the unjust or cruel exercise of authority or power”(Websters). The symbolic figure behind this unjust cruel exercise of authority is usually identified as the white heterosexual male. Oppression comes in many forms, but one feminist author Iris Young deconstructed oppression into five faces. These faces are; exploitation, marginalization, cultural imperialism, powerlessness, and violence. When a group is faced with these faces of oppression they are burdened with no means to escape their oppression. Throughout history one group of people has been faced with these faces of oppression with no sign of relief, they are the women of the world. In the United States, it is evident that this group is oppressed by the system of dominant society. In the midst of so much adversity the members of this oppressed group must overcome, to be liberated. A question that arises when discussing…

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