An Artist Is A Person Who Creates Art Essay

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By definition, an artist is "a person who creates art." It seems pretty simple, but to me truly being an artist is so much more. Being an artist means creating something that makes somebody feel. Being an artist means forgetting limits and boundaries and letting your imagination flow freely onto the canvas. Being an artist means exploring and expressing yourself and your emotions, whether it be through painting, drawing, or sculpting. Being an artist means pouring your heart and soul into every piece that you do, regardless of the recognition that you may receive. Being an artist means persevering through the toughest circumstances, through the critics and haters, and still doing what you love. My art journey began at a young 5 years old. My father has been an artist all of his life, so naturally I was toted along to art shows, galleries, festivals, and so on. Seeing not only his art but other local artist planted the seed in my head from a young age that it was possible, and that I could achieve that if I wanted to. I have grown up for the past eleven years watching him sketch and paint and carve, and it has had an immense impact on me. Making art today, he is still one of my biggest influences and inspirations. Another childhood moment that had a significant impact on my art happened on the first day of the first grade. I walked into the art classroom to be greeted by a cheery Mrs. Kabulski and an enormous mural of Starry Night behind her on the wall. I sat…

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