An Article On The Lives Of Minimum Wage Workers For Harper 's Magazine, By Barbara Ehrenreich

1435 Words Oct 27th, 2015 null Page
As an investigative approach to write an article on the lives of minimum wage workers for Harper’s magazine, journalist Barbara Ehrenreich conducted her research by assuming multiple low paid positions herself. Her essential goal for this study was to determine how low paid workers survive on their income. She began her adjustment to the working class lifestyle by establishing regulations for herself to eliminate any advantages she could have from her real life. In doing so, she abandoned all of the luxuries that her middle-class career afforded her, such as a comfortable living environment, fresh quality meals, and working independently. Immersing herself into this lifestyle allowed her to witness the arduous circumstances of low wage living that she could not have experienced otherwise.
After finding a temporary residence in an efficiency apartment within a forty-five minute drive from the prospective employment options in Key West, Florida, Ehrenreich attempts to find a low-paying job that could defray her living expenses. She applies for multiple jobs and waits a couple of days until she is hired as a waitress at a restaurant attached to a hotel that she calls “Hearthside.” During the first few weeks as a waitress, Ehrenreich is concerned with being an effective worker and providing a convivial atmosphere for the customers. She soon discovers that the onerous demands of waitressing can only be alleviated by desensitising herself to the quality of her work. Upon doing…

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