An Article By Suzanne Goldenberg For The Guardian Newspaper

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Glaciers are components of the earth’s nature and according to the National Snow and Ice Data Centre; they are highly sensitive to changes in temperature arising from climate change. The center has observed through photo evidence that glaciers all over the world have been decreasing and also some glaciers, ice caps and ice shelves have disappeared completely in the last century. Many more are decreasing at an alarming rate, such that in a matter of years if appropriate measures are not taken, they will be gone. Scientists have identified the cause of this glacier retreat as human activities that increase greenhouse gas emissions, such as coal burning and use of fossil fuels for transportation and industry (“National Snow and Ice Data Center” np).
Further evidence of climate change is the increase in the number of natural disasters. In an article by Suzanne Goldenberg for the Guardian newspaper, she cites a report from the World Meteorological Organization which stated that natural disasters are five times more common now than they were in the 1970’s. The natural disasters that occur as a result of global warming are floods, storms, droughts and heat waves. There were 3496 disasters in the past decade and 80% of these were floods and storms (Goldenberg np). With sea levels rising, extreme rain storms are also rising and increasing temperatures make the destructive force of hurricanes stronger. According to data from the NOAA Earth System Research Lab, as Hurricane Sandy was…

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