Essay on An Art Project At The Local Essex High School

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An art project at the local Essex High School is raising people’s awareness about homelessness in Burlington, Vermont. Madeleine Hatoun, a senior graduating from Essex High School, and its Academy of Visual and Performing Arts completed this project as community outreach requirement. She was influenced by Gregor Kloehn, an artist from Oakland, California, who built tiny homes out of recycled materials for homeless people. Hatoun was also inspired by how homelessness can affect anyone, including children. She built small houses to raise people’s consciousness about homelessness. The small houses will be used as dog houses when the display is taken down. Hatoun will be attending Ithaca College in the fall.

Homelessness continues to be a serious concern for not just Burlington, Vermont, but also the entire nation. Vermont Governor, Peter Shumlin and Rita Markey, Executive Director of the Committee on Temporary Shelter, had a news conference and stated that his administration is going try to end homelessness in Vermont by 2020. Schulman mentioned that 1,500 people in Vermont are homeless on any given night and almost half of those people are families with children. There has been a substantial increase nationwide in the number of homeless families with children since the late 1990s. The U. S. Department of Education says that Vermont was in the top 10 states with the sharpest increase of homeless students since 2013. Children comprise 24% of the people that are…

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