An Appalling Story Of A Girl Named Aatmaja Essay

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This is an appalling story of a girl named Aatmaja who was a victim of child trafficking. She was born into a broken family, where she decided to take a job in Delhi to tailor as she saw her mother everyday suffering so she wanted to help make a change for her. Without notice, she was at G.B. Road, the fifth largest red-light district in Delhi, India. Her first customer was a huge man who had a cynical smile. She says “how can I ever forget that dreadful night? My hands were tied to the bed, two people parted my legs and held them and the man raped me. He tore my body apart.” (“STOP Trafficking and Oppression of Women & Children” 2). From that day forward, having sex with many customers a day became a routine for Aatmaja. One day a customer came that all the other girls refused to have sex with. The brothel owner made Aatmaja have sex with him without a condom. Later she heard the other girls saying he had a serious medical problem. She asked the brothel owner about it and she said, “Why do you have to know this. Your life ends here, so why think about living longer.” (“STOP Trafficking and Oppression of Women & Children” 2). Subsequently, Aatmaja had relentless stomach pain and was later pronounced HIV+. Fortunately, she was rescued by a customer who introduced her to STOP.
STOP is an organization in India, which rescues women & children from human trafficking and provides a home for them also the opportunity to obtain an education. The founder,

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