An Anonymous Tale That Although The College Campus Essay

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There is an anonymous tale that although the college campus is for furthering one’s education, there is a secondary component of discovery where students explore who they are as a person, such as defining their sexuality. What is sexual though? It could be the way a pair of significant others look at each other from across the room, it could be the way a person identifies themselves in terms of who they are attracted to or what sex or gender they would like to be intimate with. It could be anything. It could even be casual conversations between students on campus. Drawing from random excerpts of conversations with associates, who have been given pseudonyms for their privacy, there appears to be an obvious divide on what people think is sexual, all shaped by their own experiences and biases. Focusing on the divide of sex and race of the students on campus, a general unawareness is formed that nothing about sexuality is universal. Sexual acts are specific to the individual with some influence by their ethnicity and/or culture but not dependent on it.
Cultural capital consists of how one is raised, their education, home life, culture, peers, religion and so on; it’s everything that makes them who they are. Cultural capital can affect how people engage with their sexuality—how they want to react and implement it. That being said, it is to be noted that some aspects of cultural capital and actual cultures will be received differently. This could explain the natural reaction…

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