An Analysis Of Swift And Montaigne And Jonathan Swift Essay

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Every aspect of human life is flawed to a certain extent. Human creations such as politics and religion are flawed, but at the same time provide structure and comfort. Humanity is on a quest to forever improve and advance the understanding of life, gathering information and using that collected data (empirical research) to explain why things are the way they are. Certainly, humanity has not always been proactive in trying to achieve equality and justice. And to this very day, people still are impoverished and starving. Thus, this is why social critics like Michel de Montaigne and Jonathan Swift analyzed and wrote about the flaws of society. Both Swift and Montaigne were trying to convince others that the society they lived in, believed to be ideal, was actually full of fallacies. By writing about the taboo of cannibalism, both Swift and Montaigne grabbed the public’s attention in persuading them that one should act and perceive things in a different way. However, Swift’s proposal demonstrates the power of satire, whereas Montaigne’s essay implodes when his imagination overrides logic. Michel de Montaigne’s “Of Cannibals” was a writing design that experimented with rational thinking and logic. Montaigne invented the essay, which uses facts and inductive reasoning to provide evidence for the detailed account of Montaigne’s confidant. One aspect that differs between Swift’s social critique from Montaigne’s is that Montaigne influences the reader by attributing his knowledge to…

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