Comparing Tartuffe And A Modest Proposal By Jonathan Swift And Moliere

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When you think of what you will do for the day, do you think of things to better others’ lives or your own? In Tartuffe and A Modest Proposal Jonathan Swift and Moliere speak of ways of living and human nature. Tartuffe speaks of a man who is supposed to be a man of God but is only trying to better his own way of living and take away a man’s own home. Swift as well speaks of living and human nature but not of a man but society as a whole and how they look at a certain group of people. In this case it is the poor and their children. Both Tartuffe and Swift have interesting ways of bringing attention to the issues at hand whether it be hypocrisy or simply the way we look at one another. When many people want someone to be with someone else …show more content…
The issue that Swift sees is that the poor people and or beggars, as swift calls them, are not productive people of society and he wants to find a cheap, fast, and easy fix to this problem. The Author argues that the solution for this problem is to fatten up the poor children so that they can be sold to the Rich and eaten. This is supposed to help with overpopulation and unemployment and will spare the family the expenses of the child by being sold to the meat market at the age of 1. The Author gives specific data to uphold his argument and how this would benefit the community as a whole. The author believes that this will solve the complex social, political, and economic problems. This brought a lot of attention to the issue because of our human nature to think that cannibalism is a bad thing. This got the point across that just because the people are poor does not make it a good idea to just eat them as he puts it or act like because they are poor that this should be acceptable. In both Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal and Moliere’s Tartuffe they speak of our human nature and the way we react to different situations. This is brought out in the way that people react when reading the play or story. Many people would react differently to eating babies then the way they would to someone lying about being a man of

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