An Analysis Of Susan Glaspell 's ' The Book ' Of Genesis ' Essay

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In the book of Genesis, God punishes Eve for disobeying his only rule, not to eat the fruit from the tree of good and evil. God tells Adam to take control, ownership of his wife. She is his responsibility and she is to obey him. God placed Adam in a position of authority and Eve in a position of subordination. Susan Glaspell makes a statement with her feminist play Trifles which was first performed in 1916, near the end of the sixty year women’s suffrage movement.
George Henderson, Henry Peters, and Lewis Hale were focused on proving that Mrs. Wright is guilty instead of trying to discover the truth behind her husband 's death. They become more focused on finding evidence to sentence John’s wife than to consider any other alternatives. The wives of the Mr. Peters and Mr. Hale that were investigating Mrs. Wright were focused on discovering the reason behind Mrs. Wright’s known actions rather than her hypothetical ones. The men and women have different views during the process of investigating the death of John Wright. Lewis was willing to do whatever was necessary to prove Mrs. Wright was guilty, in order find closure. He makes it clear that he “didn’t hear or see anything” take place regarding the actual death of John (1039). Lewis does not witness the murder take place, yet George and Henry are quick to assume that Lewis’ tale is accurate. Lewis admits that he believes John did not care about Mrs. Wright 's feelings: “I didn’t know what his wife wanted made much…

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