An Analysis Of Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken

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Register to read the introduction… The poem is a metaphor of life and its decisions. Robert Frost compared to the paths that people take in life. The metaphors that were used helped this poem become more exciting and unique. Some of the metaphors he used was “ Because it was grassy and wanted wear…””Had torn them about the same”…” The road is not a person but he is giving it human traits. ‘’The Road Not taken’’ also has a great theme to it. It means that you have two paths in life that you can take in making a decision. In this poem he implies that he made his own decisions without any help from others. There reason why it made it harder because he was very double-minded and after doubted which roads to take. Because his curiosity got the best of him he chose the wrong path. ‘’Because it was grassy and wanted wear…” told me that not much people took this road. This poem has a very good meaning. Robert Frost never wasted much Time in writing this poem. In this poem he does not clearly tell you the time but it is evident that he is talking about the past. By reading this poem the reader will always stay in suspense. Bu using this technique it urges us as readers to figure out what he saying and what he is going to do next. I found out this poem will have you asking what the poem is trying to tell

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