An Analysis Of Peter Carey 's True History Of The Kelly Gang Essay

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Peter Carey’s True History of the Kelly Gang published in 2000, uses minor characters in the text which are significant as they have major impacts on the ideas explored in the text such as idea that traditional views of masculinity are in conflict with current Australian values. The significance these characters have in our response and understanding of this idea help the reader understand the weakness of patriarchy in society and associated gender norms that oppress certain characters in the text such as Mary Hearn, Fitzpatrick and his other members of his family. The historical novel explores the life of Ned Kelly in colonial Australia as he struggles with difficulties with the authorities and various relationships in his life. Peter Carey uses various literary devices such as metaphor, hyperbole, tone and descriptive language to highlight the significance minor characters had on Ned’s life and on the idea of masculinity as being in conflict with contemporary Australian values such as gender equality.

The way that masculinity is constructed in True History of the Kelly Gang is in conflict with Australian contemporary values such as gender equality, we can see this construction of masculinity through minor characters in the text. Through Fitzpatrick’s violent actions we can see the extent to which males rely on stereotypically masculine attributes to gain status and power in society while denying females the same opportunity due to traditional ideas about gender in the…

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