Figurative Language Techniques Used In Sylvia Plath's Mirror

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In the “Mirror”, by Sylvia Plath, shows the lack of confidence women face with image/reflection and the hours associated with aging through personification and metaphors. The author is accomplishing numerous forms of figurative language devices. Symbolism to show images only last for a very short time and resulting, the speaker’s attitude toward truthfulness. In the next couple paragraphs I would like to focus on the theme, tone/attitude and figurative language device used in this poem.
The main theme of this poem is the condition or process of deterioration with age. You can also see loneliness explained in multiple lines. It is shown in “I have looked at it so long I think it is part of my heart / faces and darkness separate us over and over.” Faces can only be seen when there is light, and darkness only appears with it is night. Many
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In line 10 “Now I am a lake. A woman bends over me, searching my reaches for what she really is”, this is a metaphor because the mirror is comparing itself to the lake. Also it is showing how far you search you can only see what is on the surface and that is the truth. Also it is showing no matter what you look through your reflection is always going to be the same. Metaphor is used in showing that you can’t get rid of time and aging. The woman hates that she has to change and age; however, it is a part of life.
There is some simile as well. Line 18“Like a terrible fish is associating the woman’s reflection that she sees in the mirror. The woman can see this in the lake how her youthfulness is disappearing and being replaced with her getting older (mature). Free verse is used as well in the poem. Plath conveys the speaker’s feelings about a person she has turned into and regrets. Also it does not have specific rhyme scheme. Lastly Repetition is in the “Mirror”. Day after day, remind you of the time that is passing as the woman gets

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