An Analysis Of Katherine Stood Before Elena With A Look Of Complete Puzzlement

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Katherine stood before Elena with a look of complete puzzlement. When coming back to Mystic Falls, she never predicted her doppelganger would somehow get herself killed. She was under the assumption the Salvatore brothers would always shield her from harm.

'They were supposed to protect her! ' she internally seethed.

When taking notice of Katherine 's bewildered stare, Elena scowled and decided to bring her back to reality. Once again, she slapped the vampire across the face in hopes of eliciting a response of sorts. She had expected for Katherine to lash out or threaten her, but this wasn 't the case. Much to her shock, Katherine 's eyes surprisingly held an emotion that she never expected to see from her: remorse.

'So those memories weren 't hallucinations... Katherine and I really had some sort of relationship, ' she thought, genuinely surprised upon having witnessed the other brunette 's emotions that she was so good at hiding.

Katherine stared, before her vacant expression turned into a glare. She was startled with being caught off-guard with the sudden statement, especially since she 'd taken necessary precautions to prevent such a thing from happening.

Before enacting a scheme, she constantly ran scenarios in her mind so that she would always be one step ahead of everyone. But she never expected she would come face to face with her friend. This was no longer the Elena that was oblivious to their past relationship; this was her Elena, the one she spent time…

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