An Analysis Of James Langston Hughes 's ' Joplin, Missouri ' Essay

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Born in Joplin, Missouri, James Langston Hughes was born into an abolitionist family. At a young age, Hughes was separated from his parents and lived with his maternal grandmother who told him stories of slaves and abolitionists. Hughes was impressed by her stories, which enabled him reach into his roots. "Through my grandmother 's stories always life moved, moved heroically toward an end. Nobody ever cried in my grandmother 's stories. They worked, or schemed, or fought. But no crying," Hughes wrote. In his eight-grade class, he won class poet because he was a Negro, a Negro with rhythm. After living with his dad in New Mexico, Hughes decided to leave off to college. He attended Columbia for one year after realizing it was discriminatory. Hughes fell in love with Harlem, when the throes of the thriving period of arts and literature known as the Harlem Renaissance. Motivated by his grandmother’s tales and stepped on by the white, Hughes expressed himself through the art of literature.
James Langston Hughes is a typical bit of craftsmanship since he made his imprint through his words, encouraging different Negros to express them and hang on tight to their roots. Langston Hughes would be characterized as a Black Separatist, all through his profession, he encourages Negros to adhere to their roots and never bow down to anybody. African American writing falls into a classification of School of Thought. School of Thought is controlled by the methodology a creator or craftsman…

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