An Analysis Of Ernest Hemingway 's ' The Hills Like White Elephants '

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The Right Choice At the end of this summer I chose to leave my husband after being together for almost five years, and having two wonderful boys. I made the decision to leave because after all those years neither of us was happy, and of course neither of us wanted to admit it. This decision was life changing for not only me, but for my family. Like Jig in the story “The Hills Like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemingway I was caught between the man I thought I love and his feelings, and my own. Even though I chose to marry this man was I staying for the right reasons? The reasons being staying with him for the children, not being sure about my feelings for him anymore, and confusion on what would be the right choice. It is safe to say a great deal of people get married for the wrong reasons, one reason is for the kids. I think that was my biggest reason because I wanted my kids to grow up with a mom and a dad under one roof. After years of being together and looking back I see it was not the best choice because my relationship with my husband was not great and it was affecting my kids. I can remember one incident so vividly I was in the car with my family and my husband and I started arguing it is what we do majority of the time. Anyway we were yelling at each other and it was getting really heated when my oldest son who was two years old at the time screamed, “shut up,” and started crying. It broke my heart to see him getting upset, and that wouldn’t be the last time. It was…

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